Technical services

Our job is not only to sell the right products for your industrial application. We are your trustable partner to consult you how to do your new production developments and implementations. We can also solve your existing production problems. All this information we source from the know-how of our experienced suppliers: first class producers in their field.

Some of our service:

  • We can recommend you recipes for production of wide range mono or multilayer films.
  • We can recommend you different structure of foils for different applications based on our experience in other countries: for example agro foils, mulch films, stretch hood and ect.
  • We can propose you different recipes for polymer processing like blow molding, injection molding, film extrusion, pipe extrusion, extrusion coating, co-extrusions.
  • For printing we can recommend what is the best lacquer, ink or lamination adhesive for your project.