Dear partners,

On 18th of December 2006 European Parliament validated Regulation No 1907/2006 and started a new system for registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of production, import and use of chemical substances in the EU called REACH (from the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH completely replace all existing Directives (Directives 1999/45 / EC, 793/93, 1488/94, 76/769 / EEC, 91/155 / EEC, 93/67 / EEC, 93/105 / EC and 2000/21 / EU) for hazardous chemicals.

Essentially, REACH requires each manufacturer / importer of chemicals in quantities of more than 1 ton to register by submitting the information required under REACH to the European Chemicals Agency based in Helsinki, Finland.

Synthesia Grup S.R.L. supplies raw materials for the polymer and printing industry in Romania within the scope of REACH regulation.

Synthesia Grup S.R.L. is a “downstream user” so far works with leading European manufacturers of industrial raw materials. Our suppliers have declared their place in the chain and are committed to fully meet the requirements set out in REACH.Identifying as “downstream user”, Synthesia Grup S.R.L. undertakes to:

  • Provide to all downstream users safety data sheets for substances and mixtures according to Article 31 and Annex II.
  • To prepare and make available for all downstream users information on non-classified substances as required by Art. 32.
  • To submit information for all necessary measures for risk management.

Synthesia Grup S.R.L. will continue to communicate with customers and vendors to fully meet the requirements set out under REACH, not only during the pre-registration and also in the following period until full implementation of REACH by 2018.


Bucharest / 05.12.2014

General manager: Ventsislav Kostadinov